Why Handmade Soap?

Handmade Soap

Well for starters our soaps are Handmade without all synthetic fillers and preservatives. Also, we don’t add any of the harsh chemicals that a big box company puts in their soap.

Our Handmade Soap is made from raw ingredients,  we also use the finest ingredients to give you a natural soap to help keep you clean. Basically, our soap is made the same way our ancestors did it.  It worked for them, why change the process?

Handmade Soap is All Natural

Our soap is made with all-natural oils that will make your skin smooth.  Give our Handmade Soap a shot, and you will feel cleaner, smoother, and a moister skin than you ever imagined. You won’t find a better cleaner or moisturizer from a big box store soap.

One might also be curious about the effectiveness of Handmade Soap.  We make the same soap that the big box manufacturers make.  The only difference between ours is the harsh chemicals, additives, and preservatives they add to theirs.  Our soap is just as effective as theirs.

We Have Been Making Soap for years

We have been making soaps for personal use for years, we enjoy the product.  It’s long-lasting, however, it lathers well, and it cleans it makes you feel nice and clean.

If you want to know more about us, please feel free to check out our About page and see why we are selling handmade soap from our living room.